Sun City United Methodist Church
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
April 2018
All worship services are Sunday at 9:30 a.m. 
April 1st     "Why I Believe in the Resurrection"     John 20:1-18
Belief in the resurrection of Jesus is at the foundation of our faith. 1) I believe what Jesus said about it; 2) I believe witnesses to it; 3) It has stood the test of time; 4) It has changed the lives of those who experienced it - then and today!  Pastor Rex will lead us in our Easter celebration.
April 8th       "Jesus Was Just Here..."     John 20:19-31
We call one apostle "Doubting Thomas" because he refused to take the word of others and demanded proof of Jesus' resurrection.  Amazingly, Jesus appeared to quell his doubts.
April 15th     "Made to Make It"     Psalms 8:3-5 & Romans 8:28
Welcome Kimball Coburn, a classmate of Rex's at Claremont School of Theology and longtime friend.  Kimball Coburn is not new to Sun City UMC.  He has brought his ministry of servant evangelism to us several times in his 38 years of doing evangelism in the California Pacific Annual Conference and beyond.  He has touched and been touched by the hearts of our congregation.  His message is preached with challenge, confrontation, hope and love.  Kimball says to today's message: "Making it is getting in touch with God's purpose for our lives."
April 22nd     "The Vision"       Genesis 32:22-32
Welcome back Rev. Kimball Coburn for his second Sunday with us.  He says of today's message: "The Vision is not as much something we see, as it is something We Are!  We are the Church and we are Called to build God's Kingdom."
April 29th     "Holy Interruptions"     Proverbs 32
Rex will share the first of several "Memory Lane" sermons before you throw him out (he retires at the end of June).  Remember Bonnie LaRue or Gerry Matson?  Rex certainly does!
DVD recordings of each Sunday service are available the following Tuesday through our church office. If you would like a copy, please call Judy in the church office at (951) 679-1016.
Was there a sermon you missed? Or was there a message that moved your soul and you want to revisit it? Well we invite you to check below, and we hope these past sermons can serve you still.
We now have begun to put our Sunday Sermons on YouTube so that you may watch them any time you wish.  Click the link below to go to our YouTube site and choose from many different sermons.  Enjoy!