Sun City United Methodist Church
Saturday, November 18, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
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"All things are possible with God"
MARK 10:27
30220 Carmel Road
Sun City, CA 92586

Office: 951-679-1016
Fax:     951-679-6617


Rev. Rex S. Wignall
  Our Ministry
Parish Pastor
Rev. Tom Rothhaar

Church Secretary
Judy Love
Office Hours:
Tuesday - Friday
  10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.



SUNDAY SERMON - November 19, 2017

Worship begins at 9:30 AM

"God's Investment in You" 

Matthew 25:14-30
Jesus' Parable of the Talents tells the story of a landowner who invests his resources in three of his servants, each according to his ability, and expects a return from all of them.  Like it or not, God also invests in you.  What is God's return on the investment?
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By:  Edd McDermott
Ultimate sacrifice has shown us the true meaning of...

We believe in one triune God,
Who is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that through Jesus,
Remembering His death on the cross and resurrection,
We have received God's unequivocal Grace.

We believe that our pastors and our congregation,
Through worship, witness and testimony, unite as one.

We believe it is our duty to serve others,
To stead-fastly dispel the root of injustice and evil.

We believe we are never alone,
For God, through His grace and forgiveness,
Is always with us....

From the North
Exit I-215 at McCall Blvd.
Go west to Bradley and turn left (south).
Go about 1.5 miles to Carmel Road and turn east.
We are next to the freeway at Carmel Rd and Piping Rock.
From the South
Exit I-215 at Newport Rd.
Go west to Bradley and turn right (north).
Go about one mile to Carmel Road and turn east.
We are next to the freeway at Carmel Rd and Piping Rock

Just for You...

Nov 14 - Tuesday
1:00 PM     No Bible Study
Nov 15 - Wednesday
9:30 AM      Sarah Circle
10:00 AM     UMW Board
Nov 16 - Thursday
1:00 PM     Martha Circle
Nov 17 - Friday
10:30 AM     SPRC Meeting
Nov 19 - Sunday
8:45 AM     Choir Practice
9:30 AM     Worship Service
11:00 AM     Choir Practice
Nov 20 - Monday
1:30 PM     Charge
Nov 21 - Tuesday
1:00 PM     No Bible Study
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You know that feeling of a fully belly after a good hearty meal?  Well we ask you to remember that not everyone knows that feeling as many people go hungry in this world and even in our own neighborhood.  Please remember to bring us in your non-perishable food items so we can help change the hunger pains to the feeling of a full belly.  We thank you for all of the food that you can donate. 


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